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Yaliwe Launches Yaya on YouTube

JOHANNESBURG – 10 December 2020: Early Blockchain and cryptocurrency adopter, and international speaker, Yaliwe Soko will be launching a YouTube channel on 12 December 2020 at an event at Omy’s in Ferndale, Sandton.

Yaya is an attitude and way of doing things to achieve your goals. it is about being a barrier breaker, pushing the envelope, and thinking out of the box,” said Yaliwe.

The YouTube channel and program will run under the title ‘Yaya’ and will be hosted by Yaliwe weekly. It will feature a mix of gig economy culture, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, financial technology, business and a fashion flair. It will also offer ‘how to’ tutorials in the various sectors, as well as a periodical question and answer sessions with the subscribers on topics of their choosing.

Yaliwe is one of the very few African women under 30 to be fully involved in the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The avid fashion designer with a fashion collection that featured at the Fashion Week in Zambia got interested in cryptocurrency in 2016. Virtually self-taught through internet research during the height of Bitcoin surge back then, she went on to create a tutorial manual on Bitcoin to help other women learn about cryptocurrency.

Yaliwe reiterates that we need to be smart, stylish and beautiful, that is the way we begin this journey together,” said Yaliwe.

The program will also host high-profile players, field experts, and business leaders, in crypto, blockchain, entrepreneur, fashion and beauty industry sectors. As well act as a platform that will cover relevant current affairs in the above sectors. For those that want to appear on the program are welcome to contact Yaya at

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